Symphony New Brunswick is a non profit organization depending perhaps more on volunteers than on staff. That said, we have a small and versatile staff that tries to keep the office open each week day from 9—5, so please feel free to drop in for tea.

GM is Jennifer Grant, who started in October 2012.

Production and Personnel, is Christopher Buckley, who grew up here, went away and returned to join the String Quartet, which forms the core of the orchestra. We are most grateful that he also finds time to help with production and personnel.

Librarian is Elsa Paterson, who spent many years in the violin section before deciding to forgo the constant practicing and indulge her love of library work.

Stage  Manager for concerts and rehearsals in all locations is Peter Mears

In Saint John, we have some regular volunteers who specialize in the annual plant sale, which many of you are probably waiting for. (details to follow)

Special thanks to Helen Gollings for her leadership in the annual plant sale.

We have to thank Richard Sancton for all of the work he does keeping Donation records and sending out receipts.

In Fredericton, there is a group of wonderful people who help at concerts; fund raise; and come up with ideas, many really great ideas! ( link to follow) and  the enthusiasm of this group spins my head!

Fredericton Friends of Symphony New Brunswick

President contact:

In Saint John,  there is a very happy group of supporters who run the famous annual plant sale, help out at the office and find new and wonderful ways to fund raise funds while smiling.

This very democratic group prefers not to elect a president and can be contacted through

SNB contact: or 506 634 8379