The Saint John String Quartet Features Schumann’s String Quartet #1

Finally, The Saint John String Quartet is back in concert. Their first concert Reflections, reflects on the ways in which string music is put together and the concepts that give composers the ideas to create the melodies.
Join David Adams and Danielle Sametz, violins, Chris Buckley, viola and Sonya Adams cello as they open their season with a show meant to charm and inspire.

Beethoven is, as usual, never far from German Drama and the ideas of Goethe. He explores the colours and timbers of the strings through both rhythm and melody. Pärt’s Summa started out as a liturgical choral work but, like much of Parts works, got adapted for other groups. Here the strings reflect on the nature of the liturgical. It has been described as “gently rocked muted harmonic simplicities back and forth”

With Schumann, we reflect on the master of melody and his experimentation with strings after having focused on piano in his early years. Schumann has been noted for his lack of dependence on dry clichés and his musical poetry, both of which are evident in this string quartet.


November 23, 2017
Fredericton, STU McCain Hall, 7:30

November 25, 2017
Moncton, Place Resurgo Place, 7:30

November 26, 2017
Saint John Arts Centre, 2PM

Adults 26$ / Students 10$/ Children free

The Program
Highlighting Robert Schumann’s first string quartet
Beethoven–String Quartet in f minor Op 95
Schumann –String Quartet in a minor No. 1 Op 41

Back From The Break

Drama and More Drama: A multi Media Musical Adventure

With the SNB Group sonance
featuring Andrew Miller, Danielle Sametz and special guest, Peter Mears on Piano

Program for November 30/ December 10, 2017

This concert had to be rescheduled from September when the pianist broke his arm in a bicycle mishap. Now recovered and back in form, SNB is happy to present: Drama and More Drama

SNB’s newest ensemble, Résonance,  led by Principal Bassist, Andrew Miller will be preparing  a series of  multi media shows this season to demonstrate some of the more innovative configurations and relationships between the musicians and the various art forms. Andrew is joined for this program by SNB violinist, Danielle Sametz and guest pianist, Peter Mears

In a program of works that spans modernity from 1902 to 2012, this group will entertain, delight and surprise the whole family.

Join Us
November 30 in Fredericton at 7:30 in Room 101, McCain Hall at STU
December 10 in Saint John at the Saint John Arts Centre
Admission is $26 for Adults and $10 for Students; Children and STU Students are free.

Leibesleid (1910) Fritz Kreisler
Speigel im Spiegel (1978) Arvo Pärt
Duo for Elizabeth (2007) Michael R. Miller
Wager at the Eldorado Saloon (1993) Jon Deak
Czardas (1904) Vittorio Monti

Eggs and Baskets (1987) Tom Johnson
Melodie op. 3 no 1 Anton Rubenstein
Quickening (2012) Jordan Nobles
Trio sur “Lohengrin” (1902) Richard Wagner/Ernest Alder

A few words from Résonance about the program

-This show is called “Drama and More Drama” and each piece of music reflects some aspect of drama, literary arts, films or storytelling.

– One piece “Wager at the Eldorado Saloon” by Jon Deak, has the musicians telling a story (in this case an excerpt from Jack London’s Call of the Wild) as they play it…which can be a strange experience for us all.

– Another piece Eggs and Baskets by Tom Johnson for narrator and violin and bass takes a simple saying to its maximum extreme!

-Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt for violin and piano, although was not written for a specific film, has nonetheless been in the soundtrack to many films of all sorts. This is likely because it sets a perfectly calm mood, and it seems to be both classical and contemporary at the same time.