Symphony New Brunswick Foundation Inc. and Symphony New Brunswick Inc. have approved a new donor recognition program for donors to the Symphony’s endowment fund administered by the Foundation. The following is a summary of the highlights of this new program. Interested readers are asked to call the Symphony office to obtain further details. The Symphony’s own donor recognition program is presently under review.

Donors who pledge and/or contribute $25,000 or more to the Foundation will now be entitled to name a chair in the orchestra in honour of a friend or family member. The “naming” entitlement is for either 7 years or 15 years depending on the amount of the pledge or donation. Readers will notice the first “named” chairs in the list of musicians in this concert program.

Donors who contribute $2,500 or more to the Foundation will be entitled to dedicate a concert in the Symphony’s Virtuoso Series in honour of a friend or family member. Such entitlement will not restrict the Symphony from seeking other private sector sponsors for the concert. Acknowledgement of the dedication will be published in the concert program and in all pre-concert publicity.

Categories of donors will be as depicted in the following Foundation donor list. This donor list will be published in all “Bravo” Series concert programs and on the SNB web site. Inclusion of names will be for a minimum period of 5 years.

On a going-forward basis, names of donors who contribute less than $100 will be published once in the next concert program following the date of his/her contribution.

The Foundation wants to assure everyone that any donation of any amount is very gratefully received and appreciated.

When making a pledge or donation to the Endowment Fund, donors are required to sign a pledge form permitting the Foundation to retain their gift in perpetuity. This is required by the Foundation for both accounting and tax purposes and to obtain consent to the publication of the donor’s name in the published list. (For privacy purposes, donors may specify on the pledge form whether they wish their name and/or the amount of their contribution withheld from publication.) In the following donor list, the “Other” Category includes names of donors who have permitted their names to be published but not the amount of their contribution.


President’s Circle ($25,000 or more)

  • Anonymous (3)
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Sir James Dunn Foundation
  • The late Miles and Eunice Kierstead
  • The McCain Foundation
  • Reid and Jacqueline Parker
  • Scotiabank

Benefactors ($10,000-$24,999)

  • The late Dr. Thomas J. Condon
  • Deloitte
  • Tom & Lisa Gribbons
  • The MacMurray Foundation
  • Kathy McCain
  • Frank McKenna
  • Derek & Jacqueline Oland
  • The Pannell Family Foundation
  • Ted Reevey
  • John Thompson

Friends of the Symphony ($2,500-$9,999)

  • Anonymous (4)
  • Terence and Jane Bird
  • Crosby Molasses
  • John Emmerson
  • John Irving
  • David Jamieson
  • Manon Losier
  • Allison and Clare McCain
  • The Sobey Foundation
  • TD Bank
  • Dr. Keith Wilson

Supporters ($1,000-$2,499)

  • David & Sonja Adams
  • Rod and Jeannette Belyea
  • David and Peggy Case
  • Desjardins
  • Jay and Karla Forbes
  • Jonathan & Haleen Franklin
  • Jarislowsky Fraser
  • Hans Klohn
  • Eleanor and Trevor Marshall
  • Gregory and Karen Parker
  • Jeffrey and Tricia Parker
  • Town of Quispamsis
  • David Reid
  • Ann Secord
  • Donne Smith
  • David and Miriam Wells
  • Peter Wilshaw

Donors ($100-$999)

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Diane Adams
  • Angela Birdsell
  • David & Jane Barry
  • Brian Baxter
  • Ellen Buckley
  • John and Adrienne Buckley
  • Mary Buffett
  • Lino Celeste
  • Richard and Yeonsuk Cho
  • Caroline Condon
  • Margaret Conrad
  • Sally Dibblee
  • Ecole Arc en Ciel
  • Christopher Evans
  • Fidelity
  • Paul Fudge
  • Signe Gurholt
  • Kathryn Hamer-Edwards
  • Philip Howland
  • Rosi and David Jory
  • Hal Killam
  • Patrick Lacroix
  • Victoria and Scott Laskey
  • Sarah Liptay
  • Jon LeHeup
  • Tom and Careen Longon
  • Members of Choeur
  • Louisbourg
  • Ken MacLeod
  • Gordon and Louise Mason
  • Gisela Low
  • Susan Montague
  • David and Carolyn Nielsen
  • Jim O’Sullivan
  • Katherine Perry
  • Payson Rowell
  • Saint John Probus Club
  • Ralph and Caroline Simpson
  • Peter Smit
  • William & Joan Smith
  • Marcel Sonier
  • William & Joan Steeves
  • Robert Uchida
  • John Wallace
  • Andre Welland
  • West Riverview Elementary School
  • Carolyn Vose

Other Donors (amount undisclosed)

  • Anonymous (1)
  • David Addleman
  • Karin Aurell
  • Ron and Janet Buckley
  • Nicola Carter
  • Casgrain
  • Jacques and Bernadette DeGrace
  • Fredericton Chamber
  • Players
  • Carolyn Irving
  • Suzanne Irving
  • Scott Kennedy
  • Stephen McCain
  • Wendy Nielsen
  • Margaret Roy
  • Richard and Christine Sancton
  • Karen Sheriff’
  • Phyllis Sutherland
  • Sabian
  • Sisters of Charity
  • Soeurs Notre Dame de Sacre Coeur
  • Linda Sprague
  • Symphony Nova Scotia Players’ Association
  • William Teed
  • Teed Saunders Doyle
  • Michael and Margaret Wennberg
  • Brian and Anne Wheelock
  • Dr. Michael Zed