Pictures of Perfection

Ludmila Knezkova-Hussey: Hotel Bedroom (World Premiere!)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Flute Concerto, K 313, Naomi Ford
Ludwig Van Beethoven: Symphony #5 Op 67, C minor

May 27, 2019
Moncton: Capitol Theatre
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May 28, 2019
Fredericton: The Playhouse
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May 29, 2019
Saint John: Imperial Theatre
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Bravo series concerts are preceded by a pre-concert talk at 6:30pm. Performance begins at 7:30pm.

Program Notes

In December 1777, Mozart received a commission from a wealthy amateur flutist names Ferdinand De Jean to write three concertos for flute and several other chamber works. Despite the comment that Mozart wrote to his father in a letter that he “cannot bear” the instrument, it is evident by listening to these works that Mozart’s writing for flute is particularly effective and sensitive, whether he liked the instrument or not. This concerto is not only a work of delectable melody and elegance, but one that shows off the virtuosity of the player as well.

Naomi Ford, young New Brunswick flautist and winner of the 2017 National Music Competition, will be featured soloist.

There is probably no work in the orchestral canon that has been performed and heard as exhaustively as has the first movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. The Fifth Symphony owes its fame to the four notes that mark the opening of the first movement but its importance is grounded in its compositional innovations.  The progression from minor to major, from dark to light, from conflict to resolution is at the very heart of the meaning of this work. A quote that Beethoven wrote to Archduke Rudolf regarding his symphony is pertinent: “Many assert that every minor [tonality] piece must end in the minor. No! On the contrary, I find that … the major [tonality] has a glorious effect. Joy follows sorrow, sunshine — rain. It affects me as if I were looking up to the silvery glistening of the evening star.”