Samuel Barber: Adagio for Strings (homage to November 11)
Ludwig Van Beethoven: Piano Concerto #3, op 37, C minor
Joseph Haydn: Symphony #104, D major

November 12, 2018
Moncton: Capitol Theatre
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November 13, 2018
Fredericton: The Playhouse
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November 14, 2018
Saint John: Imperial Theatre
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Bravo series concerts are preceded by a pre-concert talk at 6:30pm. Performance begins at 7:30pm.

Program Notes

The concert begins with Samuel Barber’s famous Adagio for Strings, a movement written originally as part of his string quartet opus 11. When Barber arranged it for string orchestra it quickly became widely known, and has since been played on many occasions outside of the concert halls: Albert Einstein’s funeral, in honor of John F. Kennedy’s death, and in Oliver Stone’s film Platoon, to name a few. The work begins with a feeling of poignant melancholy and suppressed anguish, which slowly develops into an intense outpouring of emotions.

Beethoven’s Third Piano Concerto is arguably the first piano concerto to sound like a fully mature Beethoven. It is filled with triumph, beauty and light-hearted humor. It is specially impressive and inspiring because it was written at a time where Beethoven came to the realization that his hearing problems were more than just temporary and was struggling to understand why fate subjected him to this.

The concert will close with Haydn’s Symphony no.104 called “London” symphony. It is one of the twelve “London symphonies” commissioned by the impresario Johann Peter Solomon for the trips which Haydn made to the city in 1791-92 and 1794-95. The symphony displays many characteristics of Haydn’s late style, and displays Haydn’s affinity for rhythmic, formal and harmonic surprises. English influence is most evident in the fourth movement, where Haydn used the popular English street song street song “Hot Cross Buns” as the primary theme.