Symphony New Brunswick Virtuoso Series presents Soundscapes

Symphony New Brunswick’s Virtuoso Series kicks off in 2019 with Soundscapes/ Paysages Sonores; a concert designed to warm the hearts and minds of its audience.

With concerts from the 24th to the 27th of January, the Saint John String Quartet will hit the winter roads to bring this sonorous tour to Fredericton, Moncton, and Saint John.
The program is focused on the sounds of Mendelssohn and Debussy as well as the increasingly popular Arvo Pärt, each of whom has approached the ideas of sonority in their own way.

These three very different examples of sonority in the string quartet each demonstrate a passion for the soundscape. Mendelssohn investigates the beauty of the string sounds creatively but within rules of classical form, while Debussy goes straight for the beauty with minimal consideration of the rules; thus doing his bit in developing the new era of music that is now firmly on its way. Arvo Pärt benefits from the breakdown of classical structures but also reaches back in time to juxtapose simple sounds and repeated rhythms on modern sonorities. This concert is very much a concert of soundscapes, with explorations through musical time of the constants and changes.
Concerts are:
Thursday, January 24 McCain Hall STU, Fredericton,19h30
Saturday, January 26 Resurgo Place Resurgo, Moncton,19h30
Sunday, January 27 Saint John Arts Centre, 14h00
Tickets are available at the door for $26/ adults, $10/ students and children under 12 free
Mendelssohn String Quartet Op. 13 in a minor
Pärt Psalom
Debussy String Quartet in g minor Op. 10

Mezzo Jillian Bonner Joins SNB’s production of the Messiah

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Jillian Bonner will be replacing Heather Flemming as Mezzo Soprano in the Symphony New Brunswick production of Handel’s Messiah, December 18 in Fredericton at the Playhouse, December 19 at the Imperial Theatre in Saint John and December 20 in Moncton at the Capitol. All concerts are at 7:30 PM with a pre concert talk with the Maestro at 6:30.
Jillian will be joined on stage by Soprano Sally Dibblee; Tenor, Owen McCausland and Bass, Paul Bustin. Symphony New Brunswick principal guest conductor, Michael Newnham will be on the podium.
For information on Ms Bonner go to

Sussex Area Community Foundation supports local SNB concerts

The Virtuoso Series has been growing in Sussex and Symphony New Brunswick is thrilled to have the support of the Sussex Area Community Foundation for this concert series.
At the acoustically wonderful St Francis Xavier Church on Church Street, several groups of SNB Core Musicians have been performing for the past several years. “The support of the SACF shows us that we are appreciated and makes the experience even better” says General Manager Jennifer Grant.
“The community is enthusiastic and the audience is very supportive. We will continue to expand our concert series in Sussex” for details.

Symphony Seeks New Music Director



Symphony Seeks New Music Director

At Symphony New Brunswick’s Annual General Meeting Sunday afternoon, the Symphony announced that a formal search for a new Music Director has commenced. The position will be advertised before the end of the month. Michael Newnham left the position last May and was appointed Principal Guest Conductor of the Symphony. Newnham will conduct the Symphony’s presentation of “Messiah” in December; but guest conductors will lead the remainder of the Symphony’s concerts this season and next. Mélanie Léonard, conductor of the Sudbury Symphony, conducted SNB’s successful tour last week and Bernhard Gueller, Music Director of Symphony Nova Scotia will be on the podium in November. Reid Parker, president of the Symphony, said some of the guests will be candidates for the position and he invited audience participation in the selection process. “Comments on each concert can be sent to the Symphony’s e-mail address and they will be considered by the Search Committee.” Parker also said he hoped an appointment can be made near the end of the 2019-2020 season.

The Symphony announced that it earned a surplus of $10,000 on its operations during the fiscal year ended June 30, 2018. Symphony treasurer Cathy Rignanesi attributed the results to increased ticket revenue and a larger grant from Symphony New Brunswick Foundation Inc. “The Symphony added a concert to its ‘Bravo’ Main Series last season which helped boost revenue but the results can also be attributed to the Christmas tour featuring David Myles which sold out in Saint John and Fredericton.”

Parker stressed the growing importance of the Foundation to the Symphony. With its grant from the Canada Council frozen for the next three years at 2015 levels and growing competition within the Province for private sector funding, Parker said the Symphony is placing increasing reliance on the Foundation to remain financially healthy. “It is important for the Foundation to continue to grow,” he said, “and I must thank the Government of Canada for its continued support of the Foundation from the Canada Cultural Investment Fund-Endowment Incentives Component as well as from the private sector donors to the Foundation against which funding from this government program is matched.”

At the Annual General Meeting, two directors whose term on the board had expired were re-elected. The board consists of Parker, Michael Wennberg, David Barry and Ellen Desmond, all of Rothesay; Rignanesi of Quispamsis; Peter Hyslop of Hartland; Kathryn Hamer-Edwards of Sackville and Brian Baxter of Shediac Cape. In an organizational board meeting following the AGM, the officers were re-appointed: Reid Parker, president, Cathy Rignanesi, treasurer and Ellen Desmond, secretary.

The Symphony’s next concert series occurs November 12-14 in Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John respectively. Bernhard Gueller returns for his third guest conducting appearance with SNB and will conduct Joseph Haydn’s popular Symphony no. 104 in D (“London”), the Beethoven Piano Concerto no. 3 in C Minor with 27-year-old superstar Leonie Rettig, and the famous Adagio by American composer Samuel Barber.

Symphony New Brunswick Inc. operates the Province’s only full-scale, full season professional symphony orchestra as well as Camerata New Brunswick, a 20 member professional chamber orchestra. The Company also hosts the Saint John String Quartet and Ventus Machina of Moncton.

For more information about the Symphony and its activities, please contact:

Symphony New Brunswick Inc.
Brunswick Square, Level 3
39 King Street
Saint John, N.B.
E2L 4W3

Phone: 506-634-8379
Twitter: @SymphonyNB

Symphony New Brunswick joins Cirque Musica Holiday!

Tickets are On Sale Now for Cirque Musica Holiday
presents Wonderland with live music by Symphony New Brunswick! Coming to Moncton, the Avenir
Centre Friday, November 16 and to Saint John at
Harbour Station Sunday, December 2nd.
Get your tickets today! at
Cirque Musica Holiday presents Wonderland is the
perfect opportunity for the entire family to
experience great holiday music, LIVE, while enjoying an edge of your seat circus experience.


Notice is hereby given that the
2018 Annual General Meeting of
Symphony New Brunswick Inc. will
be held on Sunday, October 21st,
2018, at The Church of Saint Andrew and Saint David
164 Germain St, Saint John, NB E2L 2G3
at 2:00 pm. Items on the agenda will consist of the
following: President’s Report; General Manager’s
Report; Music Director’s Report; Auditors’ Report,
including reception of the Audited Financial
Statements; Election and re-election of Directors;
and Appointment of Auditors for 2018-2019.
Veuillez noter que Symphonie Nouveau-Brunswick
Inc. tiendra son assemblée générale annuelle le
Dimanche, 21 octobre 2018, au The
Church of Saint Andrew and Saint David à 14h00
164 Germain St, Saint John, NB E2L 2G3
L’ordre du jourcomprend les points suivants :
Rapport du président;Rapport du directeur général;
Rapport du directeur musical; Rapport du vérificateur,
y inclus la réception des états financiers vérifiés;
élection et réélection des administrateurs; et désignation
du prochain vérificateur pour l’année 2018-2019.

Mélanie Léonard Q & A

Mélanie Léonard will be guest conductor October 15, 16, 17 Bravo Series Concert, English Elegance.//

What inspired you to become a conductor? // Qu’est-ce qui vous a inspiré à devenir chef d’orchestre?

I had a very artistic and varied background. I always felt nourished by all the different types of art. I did ballet as a child and later in life, I competed in amateur ballroom dancing. I passed all my violin exams at the McGill Conservatory in Montréal, but when it came time to choose a discipline in CEGEP, I decided to study Arts and Litterature and graduated with a major in visual arts and a minor in theatre. Following that, I missed being immersed in music and started my bachelors in musicology, but completed it in music theory, since it was a good background to become a conductor. As I was thinking back on what made me the happiest, I remembered always feeling alive while performing on stage with other people. I am also very creative, full of ideas and entrepreneurship and I enjoy being in a leadership role and working with a big team. I loved my experience playing in a youth orchestra and conducting seemed to reunite everything that I was excited about. I started to take private lessons with Maestro Paolo Bellomia at Université de Montréal during my bachelor degree. Then, I completed a masters and a doctorate in orchestral conducting. It was my true calling and every time that I am on stage, surrounded by my friends and talented colleagues and in front of a full audience of music lovers, I feel fulfilled and grateful for living my dream.

How do you get ready for a concert?// Comment vous préparez-vous pour un concert?

C’est un travail de longue haleine! La préparation commence souvent un an d’avance avec le choix du répertoire. Puis, je commence à travailler mes partitions quelques mois avant un concert. Plus je m’approche de la date de la première répétition, plus j’étudie l’oeuvre en profondeur pour me l’approprier. J’aime vivre un certain temps avec une oeuvre pour l’intégrer et pour qu’elle devienne une seconde nature. De cette façon, quand je l’interprète, la musique s’exprime de façon organique et l’émotion n’est pas contrainte par l’intellect. J’aime avoir le sentiment que la musique entre dans mon ADN. L’étude demande aussi beaucoup de planification, car j’ai souvent plusieurs programmes de concerts différents à préparer en même temps.

What are your interests outside of music? //Quels sont vos intérêts en dehors de la musique?

Je suis une passionnée de musique, de poésie et d’art! En dehors de la sphère artistique, j’adore faire du kayak et de la randonnée en montagne. J’aime aussi beaucoup les jeux vidéo et la science-fiction!

What, for you, is the most fulfilling aspect of your life as a conductor? // Pour vous, qu’est-ce qui est l’aspect le plus enrichissant de votre vie en tant que chef d’orchestre?

L’expériene humaine. La possibilité de toujours pouvoir évoluer et grandir comme interprète et personne au contact des musiciens et du plublic de partout au pays. J’aime l’opportunité d’avoir à me dépasser à tous les niveaux.

Who had the biggest influence on you as a musician? // Qui a eu la plus grande influence sur vous en tant que musicien?

There are a lot of musicians who I admire and who inspired me. Leonard Bernstein and Arnold Schoenberg are two of them. Of course, I never had the chance to meet them in person, but it is their work, music and philosophies that I connected with. However, I have to say that the person who provoked the deepest relfection and thought evolution in regards to my own work and philosophy as a musician, conductor and artistic leader is performance artist Marina Abramovic. I was deeply touched by her work “The artist is present” and loved her other works as well. Her art is thought provocative and always comes from a place of authenticity. She was never afraid of her own ideas or convictions and pursued on her path despite the resistance she was met with. Today, she is highly respected for her work. Her views on the importance of being present in the moment and always honest and authentic in who we are with ourselves and in front of an audience inspire me greatly. I find myself in this philosophy and keep it at the forefront of my approach in music.

What do you look forward to most in your trip to New Brunswick? // Qu’attendez-vous de votre voyage au Nouveau-Brunswick?

I look forward to the music of course, and having the chance to work with Shauna Rolston for a second time in my career. I look forward the journey that I will share with the orchestra in between the rehearsals and the performances and the sharing of what will come of it with the audience. When I visited New Brunswick in the past, I felt welcomed and I am excited to share a musical moment with the people that will come to the concert.

Saint John Artist donates proceeds of exhibition to support Symphony New Brunswick

After attending a recent concert by Symphony New Brunswick conducted by Michael Newnham with Philip Thomson playing Shostakovich’s Second Piano Concerto, the well-known artist, Octavio Ribeiro, decided to respond to a donation request in a most artistic manner.

“I attended a memorable concert by Symphony New Brunswick last night. The orchestra has come a long way under the direction of Maestro Michael Newnham and the performance by the brilliant Philip Thomson was outstanding. The Symphony is a precious cultural asset in New Brunswick and I would like to lend it my support in a small way.” Says Ribeiro

Octavio Ribeiro’s painting are being displayed until June 15th as one of the exhibitions organized by Imperial Theatre Exhibition Committee (ITEC) , which since 1994 has been giving gallery space to established and emerging artists with sufficient material. This is Octavio Ribeiro’s second exhibition in the Imperial Theatre, having exhibited very successfully in 2006.

“A plea was made from the stage of the concert for funding contributions” said Ribeiro “and I have decided that I will donate all proceeds from the sale of my paintings at the Imperial to Symphony New Brunswick.”

Ribeiro hopes to see his paintings fly off the walls during the full houses expected with Mamma Mia at the Imperial and hopes that his donation to Symphony New Brunswick will help it maintain its quality and that it will continue to reach into the hearts of New Brunswickers for many years.

Ribeiro’s exhibition is titled “The Studio”. Octavio Ribeiro studied Fine Arts and Education at the West of England College of Art in Bristol, England, and Art History at Carleton University in Ottawa. He has experience of different media but prefers to work in oils and watercolour. His subjects are usually figure and floral studies, interiors, cityscapes, and still life.

He has exhibited in group shows at the Royal West of England Academy, in Bristol, England, at the Ring Gallery, the Trinity Gallery, the Citadel Gallery, the Handworks Gallery, and the Arts Centre all in Saint John and at Gallery 78 in Fredericton.

Octavio Ribeiro’s paintings can be found in collections in Europe, the United States, and Canada, including two paintings in the collection of the late Reuben Cohen who was said to have had the best collection in Atlantic Canada.

Symphony New Brunswick special offer “Dry Night Out” to those affected by the flood waters.

May 10, 2018

Symphony New Brunswick special offer “Dry Night Out” to those affected by the flood waters.

Basement flooded? Road washed out? Symphony New Brunswick reaches out with music.
Drop into the Playhouse or the Imperial, show us a picture of your water problem and pick up tickets to the symphony for $5!
Forget your troubles for an evening. Sit back, relax and enjoy the comfort of a great concert with Your Provincial Orchestra.

Tuesday, May 15 in Fredericton 19H30 at the Playhouse or Wednesday, May 16, 19H30 at the Imperial.

Shostakovich: Piano Concerto #2, piano solo Philip Thomson
Mendelssohn: Hebrides Overture
Mendelssohn: Symphony #4 (Italian)
Dvorak: Romance, violin solo, David Adams

Divertimento with Saint John String Quartet and Tim Blackmore

March 26, 2018 News Release ……..For Immediate Release


April 7, 7:30 – Resurgo Place, Moncton
April 8, 2 PM Saint John Arts Centre
April 20, 7:30 pm – St Francis Xavier Church, Sussex

Sonja, David and Chris from Saint John String Quartet are joining up with Tim Blackmore for a concert of early music flute quartets.
In this situation they have to play in a different manner. This is not because the music is “early”; SNB has recently performed Telemann and Haydn with Tim on harpsichord and “A Baroque Banquet” with guest Maestra Tania Miller; but because they are having to adapt to the recorder , which is a relatively soft sound, and to Tim’s leadership. Tim is dedicated to Early music and is very passionate about the small graces, arpeggios and trills that are the baroque architecture of this music.
There is a variety of composers showing off different styles and usage of the instruments. In the day of their composition, the instrumentation was flexible: the viola could be replaced by a horn or the violin by a second flute. This particular instrumentation was chosen by the group to achieve, what they feel will be the perfect balance of sounds.
This concert is a collaboration between the Early Music Studio and Symphony New Brunswick

Tim Blackmore Bio
Founder and Artistic Director of the Early Music Studio of Saint John and the Saint John Early Music Festival, recorder player and harpsichordist Tim Blackmore is a graduate of the Montreal Conservatoire, the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia and the Guildhall School of Music in London. He directs and performs with the Festival’s Collegium Musicum, Ensemble 18c., Carleton Quartet and La Tour Baroque Duo as well as with other leading New Brunswick musicians and organizations such as Symphony NB (with whom he toured as recorder soloist in 2015) and the Saint John String Quartet. As a member of the La Tour Baroque Duo he has given concerts in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Paris and London and his four recordings with the Duo have received critical acclaim in Canada, the US and Europe. In 2013 he was Musician-in-Residence at the Fortress of Louisbourg for Louisbourg’s 300th anniversary and in 2014 he received an Originals Award for his contributions to the cultural life of Saint John. In recent years he has expanded his repertoire to include not only the entire Baroque period but also works from the late 18th century Classical period.
The Saint John String Quartet bio
The Saint John String Quartet have worked together for more than 25 years. During this time the Saint John String Quartet has toured Canada, the United States, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and China.
In 2008 the SJSQ received New Brunswick Day Merit Award.

The Quartet performs in a regular chamber music series in Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton, and as core members of Symphony New Brunswick. As musicians-in-residence at UNB Saint John, they perform a lunchtime series and provide workshops for the community. As teachers, they mentor countless students privately and are long time faculty with the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra. For young children, or the young at heart, the SJSQ offer Concerts for Kids series in Fredericton and Saint John libraries where kids can interact with the musicians and wiggle at will during the show.

Saint John String Quartet
& Tim Blackmore


April 7, 7:30 – Resurgo Place, Moncton
April 8, 2 PM Saint John Arts Centre
April 20, 7:30 pm – St Francis Xavier Church, Sussex


Quartet Op.8 No.1………………………………………………..Carl Stamitz (1746-1801)
I. Allegro II. Andante amoroso III. Poco Presto
Quartet Op.24 No.3…………………………………….Giuseppe Cambini (1746-1825)
I. Allegro Affectuoso II.Presto
Quartet Op.19 No.2 WB 62……………..…….Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782)
I. Allegro II. Andante III. Allegro assai
Quartet No.1……………………………………….…….….Alessandro Rolla (1757-1841)
I. Allegro II. Largo III.Rondo
Quartet Op.20 No.3…………………………………….………..Ignaz Pleyel (1757-1831)
I. Allegro II. Adagio molto III. Allegro non troppo

SAVE THE DATE: May 12, 2018.

SNB Toasts long time Maestro Newnham as he expands his horizons


Presented by the Saint John “Friends of the Symphony” with special guest Maestro Michael Newnham
Raise a glass with the Maestro; chat with SNB musicians; bid on some fantastic musical offerings; get your knees up and let your hair down for a great cause. All proceeds go to support
Your Symphony New Brunswick
Tickets $75 includes a $25 tax receipt –
phone 634 8379 to reserve

Symphony New Brunswick presents Ventus Machina March 22, 24, 25.

Symphony New Brunswick presents Ventus Machina
The Dieppe woodwind quintet returns to their classical roots with the spring offering: “Meanwhile South of the Border”. This concert contains some of the best Woodwind Quintet music written recently in the U.S.: both virtuosic and melodic; colourful and optimistic.
The concerts will take place on Thursday March 22, 7:30 at McCain Hall STU; Saturday, March 24, 7:30 at Resurgo Place and Sunday, March 25, 2pm at Saint John Arts Centre.

Early Spring Passions and Quixotic Adventures for Symphony Audiences March 12, 13, 14.

New Brunswick- After a two-month winter hiatus, Symphony New Brunswick returns to the stage with a program highlighting some of the greatest works of the 18th century. From the tilting-at-windmills romance of Telemann’s Don Quixote Suite, to the distilled passion of Haydn’s Symphony No. 49 in F minor, this concert explores the depths and sensitivity of some of the finest music from the Classical era. In addition, two of our Principal String players, Danielle Sametz and Christopher Buckley, will be featured soloists in Mozart’s majestic Sinfonia Concertante, K 364 for violin and viola.

One of the most celebrated baroque composers, Georg Philipp Telemann wrote his programmatic Don Quixote Suite in 1605. At this time, to write music that accompanies a storyline was of extreme rarity. Along with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, this music foreshadows a movement that was most prominent in the late romantic period. In this series of short chapters illustrating the adventures of Don Quixote, every movement captures the essence and atmosphere of this chivalric tale.

Performing Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante are SNB’s own Principal Violist, Christopher Buckley and Principal second violinist, Danielle Sametz. Both members of the Saint John String Quartet, playing together is certainly not unfamiliar. Sinfonia Concertante displays a level of depth unusual for works of the genre in Mozart’s era, which were more generally intended as light music for the aristocracy. A perfect meeting point between a concerto and a symphony, Mozart establishes these two musical worlds as being one layered whole, with bright interplays between the soloists combined with the elegant melodies in the orchestra.

To round out this program of Classical gems will be Haydn’s Symphony No. 49 ‘La Passione’. Haydn’s music, like Mozart’s, stands as an archetypal example of the Classical style. This particular symphony refers to the events of Good Friday, which will be coming up shortly after this series, and is exceptionally somber, dramatic and tragic, as befits its subtitle.

This program will be conducted by SNB Principal conductor Michael Newnham.

“Quixotic Passion” Concert details :

March 12 in Moncton at the Capitol Theatre at 7:30 pm
March 13 in Fredericton at the Playhouse at 7:30
March 14 in Saint John at the Imperial Theatre at 7:30

Concert tickets are available at the door or at the Box Offices in each city

Moncton, Capitol Theatre (506) 856-4379,
Fredericton, The Playhouse (506) 458-8344,
Saint John, Imperial Theatre (506) 647-4100,

Youthful Romance with Saint John String Quartet

Youthful Romance with Saint John String Quartet

February 24, 2018 Moncton, Resurgo Place, 7:30
February 25, 2018 Saint John Arts Centre, 2 pm
March 1, 2018 McCain Hall, STU, 7:30

The ever youthful Saint John String Quartet will brighten your February with a concert centred around the String Quartet Op 2 by the then youthful and ever romantic Felix Mendelssohn. Also on the program is a String Quartet by Mozart and a modern wedding suite by the Canadian composer, Glick. Glick wrote this suite when he was a youthful 24 and continued to compose for another 44 years. But both Mozart and Mendelssohn retained a genuine youthful compositional style, with both regrettably dying in their 30’s.

Michael Newnham’s Role with Symphony New Brunswick Changes


Announced January 15, 2018


Symphony New Brunswick President Reid Parker has announced that Michael Newnham will be relinquishing his position as Music Director at the end of the Symphony’s 2017-2018 season.  Newnham has been appointed Principal Guest Conductor of the Symphony and will return during the 2018-2019 season for the Christmas concert tour late in 2018.


Parker said, “Maestro Newnham has done an outstanding job with the Symphony over the nine years he has held this position.  The Orchestra has reached a new standard of excellence under Michael’s leadership that has far exceeded our expectations.  We are very grateful to him for his achievements and wish him the very best as he pursues his career.”


In selecting a new conductor, Parker said the Symphony will consider alternatives over the next few months but no decision will be made at least until the end of the 2018-2019 season. “We need to take our time and carefully choose someone who can continue to build on Michael’s accomplishments, taking our symphony to new heights of artistic development.”


In the meantime, the Symphony has engaged a number of guest conductors for next season.  Details of the 2018-2019 concerts, including the names and biographies of guest conductors, will be released early in May 2018.  Parker said, “Planning for next season is well underway and I’m confident Symphony fans will be treated to an exciting line-up of great works and fine guest artists.”


Until a decision is made about Maestro Newnham’s successor, artistic planning for the Symphony will be overseen by two senior members of the Orchestra, SNB’s General Manager and two members of the Board of Directors assisted by an external advisor.


Newnham returns to the podium for Bravo Series concert tours with the Orchestra in March and May.  His final concerts as Music Director will be May 14-16, 2018 in Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John with guest pianist and former New Brunswicker, Philip Thomson.

Symphony New Brunswick Virtuoso Series: “Circles” with Ventus Machina and Résonance



News Release
January 13, 2018                                                                                            

Symphony New Brunswick Virtuoso Series: “Circles” with Ventus Machina and Résonance
January 18, 19, 20, 21, concerts in Fredericton, Sussex, Moncton and Saint John

 From Renaissance to Rock


Including a new work by Andrew Reed Miller and new arrangements by James Kalyn and Ricky Frenette, Circles will explore the varied sonorities of a mixed group of musicians – winds, percussion and double bass.


Starting with actual renaissance music, moving through newer music with a renaissance feel, to new music with a rock feel, to actual classic rock covers, the program promises to be a mixed bag of goodies with something for everyone.


The concert coincides with the exhibition “Circles” with NB artist Deanna Musgrave at the Saint John Art Centre. For the Sussex, Fredericton and Moncton shows, Deanna’s art will be displayed using projections.


 “Circles” Concert details:


January 18 Janvier : Fredericton: McCain Hall, STU , 19H30

January 19 Janvier: Sussex:  St Francis Xavier, 19H30

January 20 Janvier: Moncton: Place Resurgo Place, 19H30

January 21 Janvier: Saint John Arts Centre, 14H00



Concert tickets are available at the door/
Les billets sont disponibles à l’entrée (or at the Box Offices in Saint John/ Imperial or Moncton/ Capitol)


Moncton, Capitol Theatre/ théâtre Capitol (506) 856-4379,

Saint John, Imperial Theatre/ theatre Impérial  (506) 647-4100,


Students/ étudiants $10/

Adults/ adultes $26

                                                               Children free

The Saint John String Quartet Features Schumann’s String Quartet #1

Finally, The Saint John String Quartet is back in concert. Their first concert Reflections, reflects on the ways in which string music is put together and the concepts that give composers the ideas to create the melodies.
Join David Adams and Danielle Sametz, violins, Chris Buckley, viola and Sonya Adams cello as they open their season with a show meant to charm and inspire.

Beethoven is, as usual, never far from German Drama and the ideas of Goethe. He explores the colours and timbers of the strings through both rhythm and melody. Pärt’s Summa started out as a liturgical choral work but, like much of Parts works, got adapted for other groups. Here the strings reflect on the nature of the liturgical. It has been described as “gently rocked muted harmonic simplicities back and forth”

With Schumann, we reflect on the master of melody and his experimentation with strings after having focused on piano in his early years. Schumann has been noted for his lack of dependence on dry clichés and his musical poetry, both of which are evident in this string quartet.


November 23, 2017
Fredericton, STU McCain Hall, 7:30

November 25, 2017
Moncton, Place Resurgo Place, 7:30

November 26, 2017
Saint John Arts Centre, 2PM

Adults 26$ / Students 10$/ Children free

The Program
Highlighting Robert Schumann’s first string quartet
Beethoven–String Quartet in f minor Op 95
Schumann –String Quartet in a minor No. 1 Op 41

Back From The Break

Drama and More Drama: A multi Media Musical Adventure

With the SNB Group sonance
featuring Andrew Miller, Danielle Sametz and special guest, Peter Mears on Piano

Program for November 30/ December 10, 2017

This concert had to be rescheduled from September when the pianist broke his arm in a bicycle mishap. Now recovered and back in form, SNB is happy to present: Drama and More Drama

SNB’s newest ensemble, Résonance,  led by Principal Bassist, Andrew Miller will be preparing  a series of  multi media shows this season to demonstrate some of the more innovative configurations and relationships between the musicians and the various art forms. Andrew is joined for this program by SNB violinist, Danielle Sametz and guest pianist, Peter Mears

In a program of works that spans modernity from 1902 to 2012, this group will entertain, delight and surprise the whole family.

Join Us
November 30 in Fredericton at 7:30 in Room 101, McCain Hall at STU
December 10 in Saint John at the Saint John Arts Centre
Admission is $26 for Adults and $10 for Students; Children and STU Students are free.

Leibesleid (1910) Fritz Kreisler
Speigel im Spiegel (1978) Arvo Pärt
Duo for Elizabeth (2007) Michael R. Miller
Wager at the Eldorado Saloon (1993) Jon Deak
Czardas (1904) Vittorio Monti

Eggs and Baskets (1987) Tom Johnson
Melodie op. 3 no 1 Anton Rubenstein
Quickening (2012) Jordan Nobles
Trio sur “Lohengrin” (1902) Richard Wagner/Ernest Alder

A few words from Résonance about the program

-This show is called “Drama and More Drama” and each piece of music reflects some aspect of drama, literary arts, films or storytelling.

– One piece “Wager at the Eldorado Saloon” by Jon Deak, has the musicians telling a story (in this case an excerpt from Jack London’s Call of the Wild) as they play it…which can be a strange experience for us all.

– Another piece Eggs and Baskets by Tom Johnson for narrator and violin and bass takes a simple saying to its maximum extreme!

-Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt for violin and piano, although was not written for a specific film, has nonetheless been in the soundtrack to many films of all sorts. This is likely because it sets a perfectly calm mood, and it seems to be both classical and contemporary at the same time.